I have worked alongside ‘Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association’ at one of their properties, No.10 Nicholson Street. The building is made up of 12 flats. It houses a mixture of families and people of all ages. Over recent years this building has been subject to social disorder problems within the communal stair, with people dealing, using and squatting. The stair was often littered with needles, human faeces and rubbish.This made it a hugely unpleasant environment for the residents to return home to, especially those with young children. It also meant that the residents felt a lack of community within the building, as they would be eager to get straight into their flats on returning to the building. 
The problem has now been sorted with the stair being cleared and repainted. 'Castle Rock' felt that they would like to give something back to the residents and wanted bring them together to take ownership of their building. They felt that an art driven project would have a positive impact on their lives at No.10 Nicholson.
I believe that as artists and designers we are in a position where we can use our skills for social benefit. With design often being commercially driven, and art mainly confined to galleries, I feel that the importance of social design and public art is regularly overlooked. This project explores the idea of an alternative exhibition space. It uses creativity as a tool for change in this particular community.

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